We’re so excited you’ll be presenting at IBNS’s first HYBRID event, including a fully virtual conference and an onsite version from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Get started by watching some tips for presenting in the video to the left. Have questions? Use the "Schedule Help" nav item to sign up for a Q&A session.

You may choose to pre-record your session, or you may speak live at the hybrid event. This is your choice as a selected speaker.

Ready to pre-record your session? Read through the tips and get started OR schedule an 'Assisted Recording' session!

Here’s what you can expect:

1) Speaker Web page – you’re here! We explain the process and details below, so you have it all at your fingertips when you want to review it, throughout the set-up process. Below, we’ve provided important ways to prepare, well in advance, so you’re confident and ready for your session:

A. Planning for Yourself
B. Preparing Your Presentation
C. Preparing the Room/Environment
D. Preparing the Technology
E. During the Session

2) Poster Presenters – Please read through the section on uploading your poster and signing up for an informational webinar on how you’ll present.  Even though the meeting is hybrid from Puerto Vallarta and online, ALL POSTERS WILL BE PRESENTED VIRTUALLY.  If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta, you can also present your poster at an in-person session on site at the resort.

There is also a poster template you can use for your convenience.  You will receive a UNIQUE personalized link from Whova for you to upload your Poster files. If you do not receive this via email by May 7th, please let us know.  

3) Speaker Kits and Tools – This is the technical information to be sure you have all technical tools necessary for the event. We’ll want to be sure we know the system you have so that we can best prepare you for your session.

4) Personal Assistance and Session Recording – You may choose to pre-record your session, or you may speak live at the hybrid event. This is your choice as a selected speaker.

Our producer, Samantha Segal, is available to answer your questions regarding recording and technical equipment.  You can make an appointment to speak with her on the “Schedule Help” page.  RECORDED SPEAKER SESSION VIDEOS ARE DUE TO THE EVENT TEAM BY MAY 21ST

Planning for Yourself

Here are our suggestions for taking care of yourself before your session.

0 1
Wear simple colors – dark are best – so that the focus of the camera and everyone’s attention is on you, not the pattern of your shirt.
0 2
Eat and drink all you need to ahead of time so that you don’t have to do this as you speak.
0 3
If you do need to drink some water, put it in an opaque cup or glass.
0 4
Practice looking at your camera, not an image on your screen.
0 5
Join the call 30 minutes before the live or pre-recorded event, to have adequate time to go over your configuration with the technical team.
0 6
This will include a quick review of how you appear on-screen and a technical check to make sure audio and visuals are working.
0 7
As you present, lean forward at a slight angle as a signal to your viewers that you are engaged and interested in the topic.
0 8
By contrast, leaning too far back in your seat may make you appear disconnected or nonchalant.

Preparing your presentation

Make sure that your presentation slides are easily readable. Attendees will be viewing your presentation on live stream and screen size in limited.

If you’re following a script or have a presentation, you might want to print it out, just in case you need to refer to it, and make sure it is level to the camera. Otherwise, your eyes will be constantly darting off camera, which can seem unnatural and distracting to your viewers in the event.

Prepare your slides with the IBNS 2021 designated speaker template. Click the button below to download the PowerPoint file:

Preparing the room/environment

0 1
Set everything up before your live or pre-recording session so it’s exactly as it will look for the event. This way, you’ll be able to arrange the area quickly when it’s time for your session.
0 2
Keep your visual set-up simple and clean. Check in the camera view to make sure that there’s nothing in the background that is cluttered (it takes people’s attention away from you) or distracting.
0 3
Be mindful of artwork behind you that may be distracting – especially of photographs or human figures, for example. We want eyes on you, not your background.
0 4
Distance yourself from the camera so that your face and shoulders take up the majority of the view. This allows viewers to feel they are “close enough” to be engaged with what you’re saying and not distracted by the rest of the room.
0 5
Is there enough light on your face? For the best quality image, place yourself in front of a good, reliable source of light to get a clean look. If you have access to soft lights, these work well, also. Be sure you have front lighting and avoid windows behind you or to one side, as this will make shadows on your face.

During the session

If you’re on a panel or with other speakers, mute your mic while another speaker is talking to reduce background noise and possible distractions. If there is some overlap in audio, take a pause and allow whoever is talking to finish their point.
Remember to smile, even if something goes wrong, as it gives a great impression no matter what happens!

Most importantly, relax and have fun with your presentation!  Even online, your audience feels what you feel and is eager to hear what you have to say.  Enjoy your moment!

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